Artist Statement:

My motivation in working in the arts is to develop a stronger discourse to address the ways in which women are perceived in western society through the lens of ceramics and digital media. Using digital media such as image projection and video I examine multiple means of digital display along with clay and ceramic made objects and their corresponding historical modes of display. In combining the digital and the tangible, I consider a conversation of media versus material. Ceramics is an old technology and merging it with digital technology is a way to celebrate both simultaneously. In the past I have primarily created installation based work but I have also experimented with making videos and live performance. Most of the pieces I work through discuss themes of identity, feminism, psychology and the objectivity of women all within the umbrella of a historical ceramic perspective. My aim in the works is to create a contemporary visual language of ceramics utilising one or more of the themes I choose to engage with.


Kate Grey is a Canadian ceramic artist born in North Vancouver, BC, raised in Calgary, AB and who now lives in Halifax, NS. Grey began her ceramic degree at ACAD University before moving to Nova Scotia in 2013. She earned her BFA in Ceramics at NSCAD University in the spring of 2016 along with a minor in Art History. In June 2017, Grey completed the 10 month VANS Mentorship Program and was mentee to Andrea Dorfman. She then began the Centre for Art Tapes (CFAT) Media Arts Scholarship program the following September. Her mentor for the CFAT scholarship was Susan Tooke and in this mentorship she learned digital media skills for her contemporary ceramic practice. Grey has exhibited works at the Mary E. Black Gallery, CFAT, the Craig Gallery, the Anna Leonowens Gallery, the Corridor Gallery and The Art Bar.