Not Invited

Not Invited was a solo exhibition at the Anna Leonowens Gallery in March of 2016. Consisting of three pieces, Scar Tissue, The Teapots and Kin. Pictured here are The Teapots and Kin. They are both digital image projections projected onto the surfaces of ceramic objects.

The Teapots utilize my personal image re-imagined as a teapot. Using arbitrary makeup fads such as temporary tattoos, face paint, and glitter, I transform my image into one that both references historical ceramic decoration [decals, blue and white, and luster] and feminine decoration.

Kin is a digital image projection of myself and my sister onto the surface of flowerless vases. I asked my sister what insecurities she had about her face and I then applied gold makeup to that part of her face. I did the same to myself. Kintsugi is a Japanese ceramic decoration technique that is meant to fix broken ceramic with a gold filling. Makeup masks the perceived imperfections of a woman’s face, decorating the “broken”. “Kin” means “gold/golden” in Japanese and it means “relative” in English, “tsugi” translates to “repair”. My sister is my kin and we are repaired by golden decoration.

Photography by Kate Grey