Perspective is a video projected ceramic installation that was developed during the 2017-2018 Centre for Art Tapes [CFAT] Scholarship Program. In the CFAT Scholarship I was paired with a mentor, Susan Tooke [painter and digital media artist], and was given the opportunity to learn new equipment and software that I had not previously been exposed to in order to develop this piece.


This installation is comprised of ceramic made sculptures of books and video footage of night walking in Halifax which is then projection mapped onto the surfaces of the glazed books. The title, Perspective, alludes to the ideas of personal story and that video is a two dimensional medium [often trying to break the three dimensional format through 3D film presentation experiences], but in this installation the video projection onto the ceramic pieces acts as multi dimensional visual experience.  The video of the night street walking rolls over the sculpted books and warps the image plane. This is how projection can be seen as decorative because it acts as a movable painting or skin across the surfaces it’s being focused onto.

Around the time I was creating this work I was thinking a lot about sexual harassment and violence towards women, trans women and inter-sectional individuals of colour. During the "me too" movement I was reminded of the several times I had been harassed and assaulted from youth to adulthood. If you consider the perspective of the camera person [me, a cis, white woman] walking the streets at night you might consider the constant fear people of feminine identity may have over being alone and vulnerable at night. The stories of many define the place we live in.

This work asks viewers to listen and learn from all feminine voices because in doing so we grow stronger as a human race and help to de-masculinate a society structured to objectify those that do not fit into the "square box".

Photography by Kate Grey