Slip Up

Slip Up is a performance in which I “wash” a slip [feminine garment] in slip [liquid clay] pull the garment over my clothes and press my body on the adjacent wall. Repeating this process till the wall is covered and resembles a clothes line. Once the impressions have been completed I then wash the residue on the floor from the drips of slip with water. When the floor has been cleaned I wash the impressions off of the wall slowly erasing any existence of my body. Only leaving expressive washing streaks of clay. After the wall has been cleaned I then wash the crusted clay off of myself.

This work references feminine cleansing. Washing the dirt from the environment and my body. This piece is as much about women's work as it is about women's sexuality. It is meant to start a dialogue of what it means to be  "dirty".

Photography and Videography by Kate Grey

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